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Us vs. Box Stores

What we offer ... that big-box discount stores probably don’t!

Exceptional Selection
While “big-box” stores carry some flooring, we have an enormous selection of products presenting high style and originality. When you allow us to assist you with new floors, your rooms won’t look like everyone else’s. They’ll be a special, beautiful reflection of you and your family.

Personal Attention
We give superb service and zero in on the details that matter to you. At our store, we take time to listen, so we get to know your needs and desires. Even better, we truly care about fulfilling them.

Responsive, Highly Trained Sales Staff
Come on in—you’ll never have to stand around hoping to be helped. Our sales representatives are ready and waiting. They really know our products, and they can guide you every step of the way. They’re dedicated to working with you until, together, you find the floor that’s exactly right for your space.

Outstanding Product Quality
Our products are made to last, and we buy from the best, most trusted manufacturers. Most of the big box stores don’t carry “brand name” carpeting. They mostly deal in flooring made for them specifically. That means that you may or may not be buying as good a carpet as those you would have to choose from at your local carpet retailer. Even if they DO have a recognizable name on selection, it may still be a “store exclusive” – meaning that it is made for them, and for them only. Because big box stores have strict pricing criteria, that means that even that carpet with the fancy name and logo on it has had to be manufactured at a discount price, using discount price materials. Otherwise, the manufacturer would lose money selling his top quality goods at a loss. You may pay a bit more to begin with—compared to big discount stores—but the lasting beauty, style, and durability of flooring from our company makes it worthwhile in the long run.

We buy from manufacturers that are environmentally focused, and many of our products are eco-friendly. Some of them are created using sustainable or managed resources, some have recycled content, and some are made to be recycled back into beautiful flooring products once again. Just ask us about all these earth-friendly options.

Expert Installation
Every home is different, and often problems are encountered when floors are installed. No worries! Our experts have seen it all, and they know exactly what to do to give top-notch installation results.

Complete Satisfaction
We’re great with follow-through! From start to finish, your happiness is our goal. We’ll work tirelessly to help you, furnishing information and assistance during the selection process, then providing skilled installation ... all with the warmth and friendliness only a smaller store can offer. The result? Floors you’ll love for a long time. And maybe some new friends.


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